Seabeck Construction, LLC.

    " Quality Through Experience"

   This is a three story deck and sun awning project. We did the design, the building, painting, and sun screen installation.


              Before                                               After


   This is an addition on a two story house setting on posts and piers. The owners said that after we tied the new foundation and addition in with the old house, It stopped the old house from moving during storms. 



   This goes back to 1990, a door, window, siding, driveway replacement with front and back porch additions. This project required a city variance and I had to represent the owners at a hearing to decide the new set back requirements. 


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Various Projects

   Here are some fine wood working projects. In 2000, I remodeled George Benson's house in Hawaii. I was able to salvage some vintage Koa wood and made a nice guitar speaker cabinet. Next are some audio speakers made from 13 ply Baltic Birch and veneered with African Mahogany, Ash burlewood, and Ebony inlays.




I learned to windsurf in 1986 and started to build boards shortly after.


         North shore big waves        Hawaii          South shore sunset

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Quality through experience
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